Some of our most popular dishes

7.  Mexican Hot

7. Mexican Hot

Pepperoni, salami, peppers and jalapeno

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26.  Vegetable Calzone

26. Vegetable Calzone

Onion, mushroom, sweetcorn, pepper and aubergine

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Spicy Crunchy Wings

Spicy Crunchy Wings

Oven baked hot and spicy breaded chicken wings

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1.  Margherita (v)

1. Margherita (v)

Mozzarella cheese and our special pizza sauce

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5.  Tandoori Express

5. Tandoori Express

Onion, mushroom, fresh tomato and tandoori chicken

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11.  Meat Lover

11. Meat Lover

Pork, beef, ham and pepperoni

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13.  Chicken Hot

13. Chicken Hot

Chinese chicken, mushrooms, sweeetcorn and jalapeno

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14.  Pepperoni Lover

14. Pepperoni Lover

Double pepperoni and double cheese

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20.  Mixed Vegetarian (v)

20. Mixed Vegetarian (v)

Mushroom, onion, sweetcorn, aubergine and black olives

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1/2 Pounder Beef Burger

1/2 Pounder Beef Burger

Beef burger topped with lettuce, tomato and burger sauce in a bun, served with chips

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